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Monte Grimano is on the lookout over the Conca valley in front of San Marino: it seems to be the ancient Mons Germanus of the 10th century. This is a very old an local story. However, for tourists in search of healthy paths and resorts, Montefeltro country includes another eminent story related to the mineral waters of Monte Grimano Terme. Andrea Baccio, professor of clinical medicine and later archiater of Pope Sisto the Fifth, wrote a long list of diseases cured by the waters of Monte Grimano, in a work of the 16th century called “De Thermis”. Doctor Mengho Bianchelli confirmed the healthy properties of that area in another document called “De balneis”, one century later.
Furthermore, Monte Grimano’s municipal archives cherishes today the story that on May the 8th 1639, during the day of Archangel Saint Michael, who is the patron saint of waters, a solemn blessing was given to the local thermal springs of Sant’Anastasio Valley, in front of a multitude of believers. The area is now included in Sassofeltrio’s town, but it as been known for a long time as a famous place for its healthy thermal springs, frequented freely during the centuries.
The old Monte Grimano’s thermal resource, today, is named Erba Vita Healthcare Centre: it consists of a place which has the main purpose to combat stress, that is the most widespread disease of the presentday. Holistic treatments and medicinal herbs are used in order to treat with natural products as much as possible. Herbal products are a very old Montefeltro’s tradition, as the pontifical doctor Gian Battista Lancisi wrote down at the beginning of the 18th century, when he noted that herbs in Montefeltro could be used to produce excellent medicines.
The century-old thermal Park and Beauty farm of Monte Grimano are pleasant areas to tone up body and mind. The delightful hospitality of the village offers good hotels, agritourisms, flats to rent and easy ways of connection from the seaside and interland. After recovering your strenghts, enjoy some unforgettable walks, along the Conca valley or the surrounding hills wih their amazing view from Urbino to Rimini and from San Leo to San Marino. Those places will offer you unusual and breathtaking landscapes. The walk as far as Mount San Paolo is a must: at an altitude of 864 metres, just in front of Monte Grimano, among woods, pasture-lands and fresh air, it will really get into your lungs and your heart. Steeper walks run through Montefeltro, showing other routes devoted to sport lovers who want to ride horsebacks or mountain bikes, surrounded by nature.



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