Pitinum Thermae

Macerata Feltria offers sulphurous waters flowing out from Roman ancient springs, with a high degree of sulphur officially included in the “super
level” cathegory: this is the reason why many respiratory diseases and articular pains can be effectively treated in Macerata Feltria’s Spa centre.
It is placed in the centre of the village just in front of the elegant ‘Angelo Battelli’ Theatre. The centre has been recently restored and is managed with very modern clinical-scientific techniques, but still remains as comfortable as it was during the first half of the 20th century.
Some agreements with regional health authorities, the Industrial injury compensation board, the Ministry of Defense and that of the Interior, together with agreements submitted with the Republic of San Marino, allow the use of free treatments by simple family doctor’s prescription. You can undergo every thermal treatment, attended by highly skilled personnel: mud-baths, inhalation, hydroponics, dermatological, gynaecological treatments. Furthermore, rhinogenous deafness and peripheral vascular hillnesses treatments, or rehabilitation cures for motor and neuromotor deficiencies. Health is a good to be recovered and mainly protected. Therefore, allow yourself to take care of your body, to know it better thanks to the help of experts and find a new tuning - sometimes deeply threatened in everyday life, between body and mind. The Relax and Beauty Center can meet your need: Macerata Feltria’s centre offers also diet programs, intolerance to food treatments, hydromassages in thermal pools, body-massages and beauty treatments with the use of the healthfarm tested cosmetics of Pitinum Thermae Centre. Later on, once recovered your strength you could enjoy a pleasant walk around the Thermal Centre Park, all along Apsa stream; trained tourists could take on the gymnastic path that goes right to San Cassiano parish church and to the archaeological site by the lake, to have sportfishing. Macerata Feltria is the real small capital of the mountainous Montefeltro. It is at the crossroads of the beautiful villages of the Foglia high valley. From Macerata Feltria you can reach Carpegna, Pennabilli, Montecerignone and the Conca valley, by crossing Pietrarubbia; and San Leo and the Marecchia valley by crossing Villagrande.


Pitinum Thermae
Apertura marzo - dicembre

via G. Antimi, 18
tel: 0722.73245 - fax: 0722.73250
e-mail: info@pitinumthermae.com
web: www.pitinumthermae.com

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