Montefeltro spiritual land

  • Convento Monte Illuminato
  • San Girolamo

Each road you follow is a historical route where ancient fortresses, palaces and villages - previously eroded by time, have been restored and have recovered their original functions. One of the best examples is the ancient palace of Pietrarubbia: today it hosts the Artistic Treatment of Metal school, managed by the art direction of the famous sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. Montefeltro was not only a land of warriors, but also a country of deep faith and Franciscan spirituality. You can find churches, convents and hermitages hidden in secluded areas. San Girolamo’s monastery, the convents of Montefiorentino, Ponte Cappuccini or Monte Illuminato, Mutino’s Abbey and Santa Maria in Reclauso’s sanctuary, are all religious places that are waiting for you to discover them: they appear just right a corner, emerge after a slope or from a cluster of oak trees. Finding those places really means to be involved in that atmosphere, sometimes neglected, of popular and local faith.
A visit to Beata Vergine del Faggio’s hermitage, up to Mount Carpegna, is a real must: you can have a lovely view, thanks to the series of Apennine ridges of the Marches, Umbria and Tuscany, which give a light-blue hilly landscape similar to a boundless moderate sea and, eastward, the flat Adriatic sea as green as a field.

  • Madonna del Faggio
  • Pieve di Carpegna

Montefeltro da bere e da mangiare

Montefeltro da bere e da mangiare

Il vino delle colline feltresche, il Visner, l’olio; prodotti locali  come il tartufo, i funghi, l'impero dei salumi, su cui troneggia, riconosciuto a livello internazionale, il prosciutto DOP di Carpegna, la carne bovina di razza marchigiana. Nelle “terre bianche” di montagna si continua a produrre due varietà di patate. E per i golosi il miele e le castagne. [leggi tutto]

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