Veduta di Sassofeltrio

Entering the High Conca valley, visitors first meet Sassofeltrio on the top of the most eastern hill of Montefeltro. From its position, the village has the lovely view of the whole Adriatic seacoast and the local hinterland as well: this is why it is called the “Terrace of Montefeltro”.
The original castle is quoted into old sources of the Dark Ages (it probably was given in the 8th century by Frank people). The medieval castle is almost wrecked today. In the past, however, it suffered many successions during the long conflict between the Malatesta and Montefeltro. Finally, the Montefeltro family conquered it definitively in the 15th century, modificating the bulding according to the Renaissance military model of the architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

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Parco Rocca
Cave di Gesso

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The summary of Montefeltro

Sassofeltrio can summarize the whole Montefeltro: borderland of a borderland, on the lookout over the Adriatic sea and the Apennine. It faces the Conca valley, called “Crustumium Rapax” in ancient times, natural boundary between the VIII Augustan Region (Aemilia) and the VI one (Umbria). Fortified in the Middle Ages, this village previously called “Castrum Saxi” alternated its owner between the Malatesta and the Montefeltro. It suffered the Florence’s Medici incursions and hosted for a short period the Montefeltro’s Diocese. Sassofeltrio can surprise you like the whole Montefeltro: Mount Gesso emerges from the landscape, with its calcium sulphate vein - whose material was extracted and treated since the 50’s. Moreover, the ancient mineral water of Sant’Anastasio is bottled and sold today, with the renown brand of “Mineral Water of San Marino”. Sassofeltrio is industrious like the whole Montefeltro: its piedmont, Fratte, has become one of the most important craft and industrial areas of the country.

Veduta di Sassofeltrio
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