The municipal octagonal-plan tower is a perfect example of Auditore’s old medieval and Renaissance past. Furthermore, it comprehends a square centre and mighty boundary-walls including tall bastions on their corners. Fate linked this village to the Malatesta and Montefeltro families: they both used “Lauditrium” as the place where they met in order to settle their issues.
Auditore stems from two previous fortified suburbs: San Giovanni and Castelnuovo. The Church of the village still preserves a prescious ‘Pentecost’ painted by Marino Medici which dates back to the end of the 18th century.

The hamlet of Casinina is more recent. It is settled downhill, and it is characterized by an handicraft, industrial and business vocation, able to improve Auditore’s traditional activity.


:: Interesting Sites
Il Museo della Linea Gotica (località Casinina)
Cinta muraria medievale
Chiesa parrocchiale

:: Events
Festa della bistecca marchigiana - Località Casinina, fine maggio
I giorni del baccanale - Località Casinina, primo e secondo week end di ottobre

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Comune tel: 0722.362109













In honour of memory

The Museum of the Gothic Line is placed in the hamlet of Casinina, at the foot of “Auditorium” village, along the Foglia valley, in the same place where that German trench - called Gothic Line - had crossed the village during the Second World War. Today it is a very special and unique Museum devoted both to peace and findings from the Second World War, with more than 3 thousands finds discovered on battlefields, with a rich photographic documentation about war. It is also the only Italian file collecting very rare newspapers and documents from 1936 to 1945. It is worth visiting this place, to keep alive memorable events that contributed to put an end to the Second War conflict and to spread peace feelings among people.

Museo tel: 0722.362170 - cell: 339.4976512
Montefeltromusei tel: 0722.710008


Museo storico della linea gotica
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