Il mulino

This is one of the smallest Italian villages. It soars upon a ridge, and its strategic position made of it a Massa Trabaria’s watch-place during the Middle Ages. The buildings shell still preserves the same Medieval image made of strong walls, a pentagonal tower, a paved network of streets branching off among the ordered houses next to the main street. Coloured flowers and architectural scenic views are waiting for you. The buildings set is a lovely landscape that open onto the Mutino valley and Mount Carpegna.
The village of Frontino includes San Girolamo Church, which dates back to the 16th century and preserves valuable frescos inside its walls, in addition to the Franciscan monastery of the Montefiorentino hamlet. This last building looks after the precious “Madonna with Child and Saints” by Giovanni Santi, Raphael’s father, who portrayed his son, as a child, among the angels overhanging the Virgin. The monastery includes also two fine buhl kneelers by Zucchino. The village’s area is characterized by old cereal grist-mills. According to some 15th century documents, “The Bridge’s Mill” leaded to the Vandini Palace, placed in the centre of the village, with an underground communication trench.

::Interesting Sites
Museo Mulino del Pane - loc. Ponte Vecchio
Museo di Franco Assetto (pittore 1911 - 1993)
Madonna col Bambino di Giovanni Santi
Polittico di Alvise Vivarini (XV sec., loc. Monte Fiorentino)
Convento di San Girolamo (XVI sec.)
Convento francescano di Monte Fiorentino (XIII sec.)
Torre Civica

:: Events
Premio Letterario Nazionale di Cultura - terzo week end di settembre
Sagra del Fagiolo - primo week end di settembre

:: Info
Comune tel: 0722.71131
Ufficio Turistico tel: 0722.71135



Art and Culture

[Every year the monastery of Montefiorentino hosts the Cultural National Prize Frontino- Montefeltro, whose aim is to enhance and award many National and International celebrities for their cultural committment. This event was due to rector Carlo Bo from the University of Urbino, who held the National Prize since 1981 in this picturesque monastery, near the village of Frontino.

Premio Nazionale di Cultura Frontino Montefeltro
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