Macerata Feltria

Centro Storico

Pitinum Pisaurense is the ancient Roman village which dates back to the 3rd century B.C.. Sometimes the area uncovers new archaeological finds near the ancient San Cassiano Church (of the 11th century) just outside the urban centre. The finds discovered so far are collected in the Civic Museum of Macerata Feltria. The historical centre commonly called “Castle” preserves valuable buildings, from a Palace of Podestà (12th century), Civic Tower, Small Chapel of St Giuseppe, to the noble Mazzoli ex Agli or Valturio ex Battelli Palaces, running along the Seventeenth century main street.
The Monastery of San Francesco, settled between ‘Castle’ and urban village, was an interesting cultural and artistic place in the past: it hosted works of art as a polyptych by Giovanni Baronzio and an ‘Annunciation’ by Olivuccio da Camerino today exhibited in the National Art Gallery of the Marches. Moreover, the monastery was renowned for a canvas by Federico Barocci that currently has gone missing. A crucifix by Olivuccio da Camerino is still preserved in San Michele Arcangelo Church. Palace Gentili Belli, an ancient mansion and a silk spinning factory as well, placed along the left side of the Apsa stream, has become an important museum to testify the Nineteenth century industrial and residential architecture.

:: Interesting Sites
Teatro Angelo Battelli
Museo Mulino delle Monache (XVI sec.)
Borgo Medievale di Certalto
Pieve romanica di San Cassiano (XI sec.)
Palazzo del Podestà (XIV sec.)
Chiesa di Santa Chiara (XIII sec.)
Musei Civici Archeologico, Paleontologico, Industriale, Radio d’Epoca
Area Archeologica - Ex Chiesa di San Francesco - Torre di Cerignano

:: Events
A Tutta Salute - terzo week end di giugno
Il Carnevale dei Ragazzi - ultima domenica di Carnevale
Mostra dei Preziosi d’epoca - primo week end di agosto
Il Paese delle Meraviglie Mercatini di Natale

:: Info
Comune tel: 0722.74244 - 74245
Ufficio Turistico tel: 0722.728208
Museo Civico tel: 0722.73231
Biblioteca-Informagiovani tel: 0722.728234




The small capital of Montefeltro

Cardinal Albornoz was persuaded of the fact that only San Marino was more important and prestigious than Macerata Feltria. As a matter of fact the village of Macerata Feltria always tried to play a key role, from its Roman origins to the Middle Ages: the Malatesta’s domination only ceased when Duke Federico of the Montefeltro conquered the area. Even after the unification of Italy, Macerata Feltria remained the main centre of offices and services in the whole country. Maybe this is the reason why Macerata Feltria has always felt as a town rather than a village and it has always tried to play the role of a capital in Montefeltro. Doubtless, from the ‘Castle’ to the village or from the Spa Centre to the Theatre, here you can feel the real city climate of the small capital of Montefeltro.

Panorama di Macerata Feltria
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