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Veduta di Mercatino Conca

Mercatino Conca lies down on the old watercourse of the Conca river that naturally flowed southward. The early settlements date back to the 12th century, when the place was used as a shelter for pilgrims. As a matter of fact, this village was at the crossroads of many paths and mule tracks: this is why Guidubaldo the First of the Montefeltro in the 16th century made of it the central marketplace and a livestock fair, to be held every Friday. The weekly market still runs.
Born as a market place inside the municipality of Monte Grimano, in the 19th century was separated from it to enter Piandicastello. Afterwards, Mercatino Conca became municipal capital itself. All along the river’s flow you can still find three ancient mills, which are out of order but well testify the rural traditions of inhabitants who had lived here thanks to the river’s resource, commercial farming and trade.

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Ponte a sei arcate sul fiume Conca
Fiere e mercati
Borgo di Piandicastello

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Fiera di S. Ubaldo - seconda domenica di maggio
Festa dell’Ospitalità e Sagra del Raviolo - domenica dopo ferragosto

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Comune tel: 0541.970145 - 970516
e-mail: comune.mercatino@provincia.ps.it
web: www.comune.mercatinoconca.pu.it





Mutual synergy between village and river

A wine bar was the early building to be placed in Mercatino Conca, at the crossroads of two link roads from Rimini to Carpegna and from Urbino to San Marino. Then, a mill was built and others prospered consequently. Later on, a weekly market, a livestock fair and a wide cattle field were settled, building up the village of Mercatino on the Conca river’s bank. Above all it has a marked commercial vocation. However, the Conca river that ancient Roman settlements called “Rapace”, - that means ‘predatory’ - gave both life to the whole village and periodically threatened it: at least four violent floodings are remembered today. Currently, Mercatino Conca still preserves the same enterprising spirit that made it emerge and the Conca is a quiet river on which bank you could take long and peaceful walks.

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