A stay in Montefeltro can offer fresh air to breath, good wines, appetising delicacies and magnificent scenery. Its north-east geographical position brings
dry flows coming from the northern Adriatic Sea and the total lack of atmospheric pollution gives dry, clean air. Moreover, Montefeltro consists of local craft, small and modern industries, farming - organic in some cases- small villages, many lonely roads. Still a cool sea breeze from the near Adriatic
Sea is felt here. The sea can be seen from the highest Montefeltro’s mountains, marking the skyline eastward with colours that change from cobalt blue to wintry grey.
In 1705 Giambattista Lancisi, a pontifical archiater, began a journey from Rome to Montefeltro “…with the only purpose of breathing very clean air, enjoying the pleasant country view” and was gladly amazed to meet, on the road that from Macerata Feltria rises to Carpegna, a eighty year-old man who barely looked sixty. In Montefeltro, indeed, life expectancy is very high, and its inhabitants are ready to declare that their main long-life secret is the air; then, water. Water used to quench one’s thirst, and water used for a long time to prevent and treat diseases. As a matter of fact, the Montefeltro heritage includes many secular thermal springs all around the territory, from the Foglia to the Conca valley, right to the top of the boundary mountains. However, the current use of that water for medical treatments is only preserved in two villages: in Monte Grimano and Macerata Feltria.

Montefeltro to eat and drink

Montefeltro da bere e da mangiare

Wine, Visner, olive oil are produced on Montefeltro’s hills; but also local products as truffles, mushrooms, or the internationally renowned PDO Carpegna Ham which reigns over the assorted varieties of sausage and salami. Two main potato varieties are produced in the ‘white’ mountainous lands.  Furthermore, chestnuts and honey attract many  gluttons. [read all]

Montefeltro spiritual land

Montefeltro terra di spiritualità

Montefeltro’s past was drawn not only by its warriors but also by its Franciscan spirituality and deep religious faith. Churches and monasteries, holy places and hermitages choose hidden and secret places. [read all]

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