Some lands slowly reveal themselves, showing their hidden aspects only to the most attentive visitors: Montefeltro is one of them. It can offer an added value, able to flatter you and take care of you, in addition to its historical and artistic heritage, museum collections or wine-and-food traditions. Allow yourself a Spa treatment, considered an aristocratic and élitis amusement so far. Local Spa centres can offer short stays or daily treatments: as a matter of fact the Spa centre of Monte Grimano facing the Conca valley, or the Spa centre of Macerata Feltria just within the Foglia valley on the way towards Carpegna, can be easily reached both from the seacoasts of the Marches and Romagna, and from the interland of the Marches, Tuscany and Republic of San Marino.


Pitinum Thermae

Macerata Feltria offers sulphurous waters flowing out from Roman ancient springs, with a high degree of sulphur officially included in the “super level” cathegory [read all]

Centro Salute Erba Vita

The old Monte Grimano’s thermal resource, today, is named Erba Vita Healthcare Centre: it consists of a place which has the main purpose to combat stress, that is the most widespread disease of the presentday. [read all]

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