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Imagine Montefeltro’s winter. A cold and dry season with limpid air able to show off the country’s skyline. Imagine snow, that covered also valley lines for months, in the past, and that currently whitens peacks and, in particular, Mount Carpegna.
For people who want to allow themselves a skiing week-end or even a single Sunday, the ski runs of the ‘Eremo’ (hermitage of Carpegna) or Villagrande - easier for children and learners, can be reached from Rimini or Pesaro only a little after one hour driving. The ‘Eremo’ offers modern skilift facilities that are lightened at night for skiing at night also. Furthermore, artificial snow facilities allow sport tourists to ski on ever snow-covered runs, also in case of lacking natural precipitations.

This is the very place where winter sport-trips start, moving on towards the blooming Montefeltro’s spring. Springtime is the favourite setting for bike’s lovers who arrive in coloured swarms as they were buzzing bees. They ride from the lovely unpolluted Conca valley to the Mount Faggiola, Villagrande or Carpegna. Otherwise they go from the Foglia valley to Belforte all’Isauro; then they deviate through Frontino, along its beautiful lanscapes to reach, finally, Carpegna. Someone likes to go along the same route that Marco Pantani - Italian rider called also “The Pirate”, was used to ride, coming from Romagna, the region were he lived. That is another reason for riders who choose to climb up the Marecchia valley’s mountains or to cross Monteboaggine reaching Villagrande, or even to rise the steepest Cippo’s peak on the side of Carpegna. Both the Conca and Foglia valleys join from three different paths: from Sassocorvaro, through Val di Teva to Mercatino Conca; from Casinina (town of Auditore) through Mount Altavelio right to Mercatino Conca again; or, at last, from Casinina through Tavoleto, Montefiore Conca and Onferno, right to Fratte of Sassofeltrio’s town. Paths in Montefeltro are set as circuits that allow sport tourists to take the way back after climbing winding roads. And each road reveals shady fresh and narrow passages through hills and ravines, and open landscapes looking onto the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic sea.

For mountain bike lovers, once left the many asphalted roads, theycan find as many unsurfaced paths. They are old farm-roads and peripheral streets: previous passages for herds and flocks during the past. They connect Carpegna to Sasso Simone, till the plateau where Cosimo De Medici the First tried to build his own ideal city as a fortified and self-governing area, in front of the sunrise and sunset as well: this place had to be called Città del Sasso (the “Stone City”). Other pathways go from Mount Carpegna through old tracks used by shepherds and woodcutters. Riders of mountain bikes can discover the beauty of Logo of Lupaiolo arriving from Sassocorvaro, the Faggiola hill overhanging Macerata Feltria or Pietrafagnana, in the town of Pietrarubbia, through solitary and wooded streets. All along the Conca valley and the surrounding hills, there are many beautiful paths devoted to mountain bike lovers: they are easy smooth walks, changing in panoramic and precipitous mountain paths towards Mount San Paolo or Montecerignone’s picturesque surroundings.
Every town and tourist office can help you to find Montefeltro’s best routes.

Many of them can be ridable with horses. Carpegna offers two ridingschools with guides too, in order to enter the boundless wood of turkey oaks that surrounds Mounts Sasso Simone and Simoncello, for instance, the biggest of all Europe. This is the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Mounts Sasso Simone and Simoncello, and the mountainous centre of Montefeltro. This is also the very place where the Marches and Tuscany regions meet.


Sport facilities

:: Horse Riding School “Baita 7 nani”
Località Monte San Giovanni - Auditore
tel: 0722.362295

:: Horse Riding School “Circolo Ippico Montefeltro”
Via Provinciale, sn - Carpegna
tel: 0722.77696 - cell: 339.1710923 -
335.8005139 - fax: 0722.77485

:: Horse Riding School “Mustang Ranch”
Via Molino Renzini - Località Fratte - Sassofeltrio
cell: 338.8950454

:: Lift facilities Salbuccia e Palazzolo
Località Villagrande - Montecopiolo
tel: 0722.78106 - 0722.78130

:: Skiing facilities
Località Eremo di Monte Carpegna - Montecopiolo
tel: 0722.78143

:: Gym-Swimming Pool
apertura da settembre a giugno
via Giusti - Sassocorvaro
Piscina tel/fax: 0722.76323

:: Facility for playing bowls
Via Della Stazione, 53 - Auditore
tel: 0722.362616

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