The Mountain Community of Montefeltro

The Mountain Community’ heart is placed on a nice strip of land of the Central Apennine, to the north of the Marches, between Romagna and Tuscany, and it is humming with activity thanks to the neighbouring Urbino from one side, and San Leo from the other side.
Far from the main roads, Montefeltro is not a communicating place. It demands not passing tourists, but mindful and “scrupulous” visitors.Montefeltro can delight you with fine views, soft lighting, unpolluted environment, natural perfumes and tastes. The following pages are going to suggest you a trip all around this precious cultural, natural, agricultural and food heritage.
You can enjoy the view of hidden and charming landscapes, by discovering narrow pathways and mountain tracks, rather than visiting the multitude of medieval villages, or finding ancient buildings, churches and mills.

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