Wine-and-food week ends

Tourist offer "I Luoghi del Gusto e dello Spirito"

Flavours and handicrafts in the historical duchy of the Montefeltro are the main pillars on which the event “I Luoghi del gusto e dello spirito” is based on. Entire week ends can be spent in different  charming scenarios in which art and history have created the spirit of the region.
Visitors will be seduced by feelings and views that that area is able to offer >> Our tourist offers


Health and Wellness Circuit

Tourist offer "Health and Wellness Circuit"

If you search for something more, in addition to history, art, museums, wine and food traditions, and you are searching for some relax and quiteness, Montefeltro is the right choice. Local resources and opportunities are offered in respect with environment and nature, peculiar traditions and the pace of local life. Allow yourself a week end on the Montefeltro ski slopes, a sport tour in mountain bike or on horseback, or rather some relaxing Spa treatments. >> Our tourist offer



Il Grande Albero
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